February 20, 2018 - Stamford Advocate
Glover Avenue Intersection will move to Super 7  


The Committee to Extend Route 7 regrets the widening of the current Route 7 which has resulted in more congestion and air pollution.  The addition of 6 or more new traffic lights has increased commuter use of side roads.  In addition to thousands of motor vehicle accidents just on Route 7, SWRPA has not provided any data on accidents on the many side streets that are used by commuters.  

Fairfield County needs to maintain its competitive edge both within the state and with the rest of the country.  Please go to our ACTION PAGE to let elected officials how you feel.  

Public information meeting was held in the mid 2000s.  SWRPA which used to be for the new highway has changed their position 180 degrees.  This was originally published on route7study.org which has since been taken down.  If you disagree with them, provide feedback to them.  Their study does NOT include Cannondale in the Wilton corridor.  This study only includes iPark on the Norwalk/Wilton border, not the roads in Norwalk nor in Danbury.  Read our commentary

We need your help:  ideas, dollars, and energy.  Click here to help!  Also, contact the State of Connecticut General Assembly Transportation Committee and email/write your representative on this site (every member's email is indicated)!  Also, visit the Connecticut General Assembly's website.  

Our Goals

  • Continue to gather widespread support for completion of the Route 7 Expressway from its present terminus at Gristmill Road to Route 84 in Danbury

  • Promote the completion of the interchange at the Merritt Parkway and the existing Route 7 Expressway

  • Minimize the widening of old Route 7

  • Promote discussion among elected officials in the towns of Norwalk, Wilton, Ridgefield, Redding and Danbury regarding completion of the expressway

  • Encourage the Connecticut Department of Transportation to request funding for this project

CER7 Committee is located in Wilton CT with members throughout the State. They are promoting the truth about the Route 7 controversy.

Norwalk - Wilton, CT