The Committee for the Extension of Route 7 (CER7) is a non profit, non partisan organization comprised of area residents in Fairfield County, Connecticut who are concerned with the ever increasing traffic problems within the Route 7 corridor, and who are committed to finding a viable, long-term solution to these problems. Learn more about our organization by reading An Editorial published in The Hour Newspaper.

Garner widespread support for completion of the Route 7 Expressway to Danbury Oppose the widening of existing Route 7 from Route 33 to Olmstead Hill Road Attain government approval of the Route 7 Extension from Grist Mill Road to Routes 7/33 Re-establish the respect and confidence of our neighboring north and south communities

The town of Wilton is situated on a major North/South corridor. Vehicles heading to points north or south go through the town. They do not stop here. They do not want to stop here. They just go through here as fast as possible. On the fastest route possible.

The Committee opposes the widening of the current Route 7, as it is not a long-term solution to the traffic problems in this corridor. The widening will result in more congestion and air pollution, as the road narrows back to 2 lanes north of Olmstead Hill Road and the addition of 6 new traffic lights will only encourage commuters to use the side roads in ever increasing numbers and with ever increasing frequency.

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We have online survey results from 2002-2003.   This was based on a survey of several hundred visitors to the website, who travel Route 7.  We sought their opinions on the pros and cons of finishing the expressway, and what their concerns on safety, property values, economic development within the corridor, and environmental issues.


 Norwalk - Wilton, CT