Action Page
You can find the names of elected officials on our contact page.  Any and all of them are important. However, state Senators, Representatives and you local selectman/mayor are

What can you do? 
Phone your local legislators
Write an actual letter with a postage stamp and send it to them
Drop in and see them, find out when are speaking next at a legislative session
Send an email?

Transportation Committee
It is also important to let the members of the Transportation Committee know was well. The committee will probably vote to give the bill a public hearing. The more people we hear from Wilton opposed to Sen. Boucher's bill the better. 

THIS LINK GIVES THE MAILING ADDRESS OF THE Transportation Committee. Please print your letters and send them to:        
     Transportation Committee
     Room 2300, Legislative Office Building
     Hartford , CT 06106
     Phone: 860-240-0590

What is the most effective way to let elected officials know your opinions?
Phone calls and actual letters are the best way.
Personal contact is also excellent.   
Emails have the last effectiveness. 

What do I say in the letter? 
You can say anything.  It doesn't have be lengthy, just state YOUR opinion, i.e.
   Let's get on with building the Super 7.  As my elected official, we need to let
   the governor we need to have it built!  Do not sell the state land that we already
   have!  What is your position on this issue? 
Brief letters can be very effective! 



 Norwalk - Wilton, CT