Commentary about this meeting
Although this meeting will not be entertaining proponents of the Super 7 highway, SWRPA needs to be advised that in their desire to look at all viable transportation means, they are ignoring a very viable method; having the highway built. Calling it Super 7 doesn’t mean it’ll be supersized, this is a highway which will remove traffic from the local roads.

It would be ideal to maintain the original character and sensitivity to this local road.  However, it not just a local thoroughfare for one community anymore. 

How will this character be maintained when it becomes a 4 lane highway with turning lanes? This new road will now be a a multilane highway with no divisions. Will this newly designed local road/highway be safe with cars/trucks constantly entering and turning?  When accidents happen, we can expect backups and delays.

In addition, it is important to consider what is best for Fairfield County and Fairfield County. Will Fairfield County be able attract and retain business with constant traffic jams? People commute considerable distances to work, from northern Fairfield County down to Stamford, Norwalk, and Greenwich. Car pooling and rail service are an excellent idea. However, there are many with work schedules and obligations that prevent them from car pooling.

Many citizens are very concerned about what this road could look like…another I95 which is not attractive by any means. However, the designers could make it as picturesque as the Merritt Parkway with shoulders added for additional safety. Remember, the purpose of this highway is to remove the trucks from the current Route 7, allowing local traffic which would preserve the local character.


 Norwalk - Wilton, CT