Below are comments that we have taken VERBATIM from our survey done in 2002-2003 (with most typos corrected!). 

We don't know if "road rage" will be cured or not, but this is a phrase that popped up many times in our responses!  In the meantime, let us all try to be more courteous to our fellow drivers.  We're all in this together - and believe it or not, courtesy does make the ride more pleasant!

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Comments - June 2001

A lot of people are missing out on jobs that are available because the commute is so terrible. I think going through Wilton is the worst.

As much as I hate to admit it, route 7 is too dangerous as it currently exists. I think we all have to accept the fact that Fairfield County has grown, and the new highway can no longer be stopped. It is not possible to continue to pretend that if we ignore it the traffic will go away. As a lifelong resident of Westport and Weston, currently owning a home in Weston quite near Georgetown, that may very likely hear the traffic on a new highway 7...I still feel the highway is inevitable, so lets stop kidding ourselves, and get it done. The home values in question, may be a problem, but let us not forget that the proposed highway has been on most Wilton maps for about 25 years now. Anyone purchasing a home in the last 20 or so years was certainly aware a highway might be built on that route, and most likely paid less for their property because of it. I feel by in large the loss of property values is not a major issue.

Having lived in Wilton for 45 years, we signed the first petition for the R7 expressway almost 40 years ago. We haven't changed our minds about the need as traffic on Route 7 has only increased and the old Route 7, originally a scenic historic road, should not have to carry the amount of traffic both car and truck that it is now carrying. It is not a safe nor efficient way for commuters to go nor is it efficient town use. Our air is constantly polluted by trucks and excessive through traffic. Our ridge roads have become secondary highways. We urge our elected officials, CONNDOT, concerned businesses and larger corporate entities as well as local taxpayers to throw their support to seeing that the Route 7 Expressway gets built as soon as possible. Our quality of life will be greatly improved, the economic life along the Housatonic Valley will be strengthen by efficient, safe expressway travel, to say nothing about the crying need for the expressway in lower Fairfield County and as well as the Northern end of

I don't use route 7 to commute to work but there are times that my traveling takes me onto route 7 during many times of traffic. I also travel up to Danbury and I make sure I do after the rush hour is well over to avoid the traffic. The congestion is terrible. I feel awful for the people who must commute in it everyday. More and more people are moving into the area where I live and more commercialism is necessary to support the local people. A super 7 highway would allow trucks to support that commercialism.

I drive a car service and find the traffic unbearable. It is silly to think that the current plan to widen three miles of the road over a two=year period will have any positive value to the commute of all the folks up north.

I have lived in the Westport/Weston/Wilton area my entire life. The lack of a Super 7 has adversely effected traffic in Weston, where I now live, as commuters seek to avoid the traffic along Route 7. To compound this problem primarily caused by the residents of Wilton blocking the construction of Super 7, Wilton has a police force which appears to delight in enforcing traffic laws to the absolute letter of the law, and have consequently earned a reputation for issuing more traffic violations than any other police force in the county if not the state. From my perspective, this traffic situation is a problem the residents of Wilton have brought upon themselves and they are making their neighbors "pay the price" for their misguided actions through increased traffic on neighboring town streets, increased commuting times, an inordinate number of traffic violations issued by their police force, etc. Perhaps a boycott of Wilton businesses would bring attention to the Wilton townspeople that we, the citizens of its

I really hope the expressway goes through. I need to spend more quality time with my family instead of dealing with an 60 minute + commute. Thanks.

I see the traffic getting worse and worse. Something needs to be done, lets find a solution.

I strongly believe that a super 7 expressway needs to be built.

I think a key element is build the highway, and let Wilton be passed over by the traffic. As it is now, the traffic is forced on to old Rt 7, with disastrous results.

I travel from Brookfield to Norwalk everyday on Route 7 - takes me over 1 hour and its exhausting with all the traffic - we need Super 7 !

I use route 7 to go to the Danbury mall. To visit friends in Southbury. My daughters bought their cars in Danbury and go their to have their cars checked. I think that over the years route seven has become over used. I would hope that the least amount of disturbing of homes is taken in to consideration, because that is a very nice area of the state and would not like to see it hurt in any way. I do however think this is something that has been put off for to long. I don't understand how it has been delayed for so long. In other parts of the State everything is passed, even though there are petitions and people willing to fight this. I'm all for it as long as wetlands are taken care of and noise is made as low as possible. And that consideration is taken with everyone affected.

I was against this when it was first proposed but now that the traffic has spun completely out of control I feel that it is more important than ever. I don't feel that these transient newcomers to this town who continuously raise our taxes to support outrageously expensive school budgets and constantly clog the roads with minivans and suv's should say one word against this. Its in part because of them that this needs to happen.

I'm constantly on the road with my job. .RT 7 is a nightmare!!!!! Who is holding this construction up!! Residents of CT should be flooding the streets in protest over this. It's strangling our economy!!!!!!

It is absolutely absurd to think that the expansion of the current route 7 to 4 lanes through Wilton will better our community and be a better solution to the traffic problems we face, which are more serious and problematic than even the most ardent supporter of the expressway has expressed. A little common sense and some thought about the future and responsible planning is called for here...not just how is this going to effect me. This has been the classic "Let the other guy worry about it, not me" situation for the past twenty years. I say we should push this new expressway until it becomes reality!

Its time to build the expressway before traffic delays increase to a point where companies will leave Fairfield county.

Not being able to plan the amount of time it will take me to travel on route 7 because of the unpredictable and heavy traffic has caused me to use small local roads. I don't think it is appropriate to commute on these roads because it makes residential areas more dangerous.

Route 7 traffic improvement is a necessity in addition to more frequent trains between Danbury and Stamford. Since we have the train infrastructure already could we start with a few additional trains!

The economic opportunities in southern Fairfield county are closed to me because I will NOT commute on Rt 7 from Danbury! I tried a Danbury to Stamford commute for eight months. I quit my job because of the Rt 7 traffic.

The expressway should be built just as soon as possible to alleviate the over capacity usage of existing Route 7.

The traffic situation will only get worse as more companies move into the Wilton area, such as NewsAmerica Marketing on Rt. 33.

The whole thing is ridiculous - they should just do the extension, given the demographic trends. Commuting on Route 7 now is a polluting, aggravating nightmare.

There have been several very strong proposals for traffic management in Fairfield County which cost less money, will not ruin NEARLY as many ecosystems, and will not cause nearly as much noise pollution. The people who have been fighting this project for over 20 years have environmental backgrounds and are striving for the health of both humans and their surrounding habitats (non man-made). Sometimes it is more important to step back and realize that it is our own fault for having more cars (the Connecticut SUV obsession) and that we should deal with traffic (because it is due to our own decisions). You can only usurp resources so much before they are extinguished entirely. Each step that we take towards more building in CT will only hurt our future. Is your quality of life based on air-conditioning, a leather interior, and a great sound system or the knowledge that the air your breath, the sounds you are exposed to, and the animals and plants that we share earth with are not at risk?

This extension is so long overdue-- traveling to Danbury is impossible. This would make the excursion bearable, and MUCH shorter (time wise).

This road is in definite need of expansion. The traffic backs up for miles and miles. Many drivers get very rude and agitated as they do nothing but sit in traffic. The traffic has greatly increased in the last two-three years. The road is so narrow at some points I'm surprised I don't see a head on accidents all the time. This road needs expansion YESTERDAY. Thanks.

This road is sorely needed...NOW!!!!!

This road was needed 30 years ago when I lived in Ridgefield and commuted to Stamford. I would use the new Rt. 7 to shop in Danbury.

Traffic in Wilton off of Route 7 has been adversely affected by the indecision of completing a limited access highway straight through to Danbury I-84.

Until this project is complete there are various roads entering route 7 that should be monitored. I use to commute to Stamford and used 35 to 124. They were having a problem with traffic in a certain area in NY and decided to restrict traffic on to a certain road from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning. There are a few roads i.e. Starrs Plain road in Danbury that cause people to slow down and let cars in/out which causes it to back up to 84. I am totally not lying when I say I have a headache every f#$@ing morning from driving on this made 200 years ago for abomination of a road. I really hope something's done soon.

When the government tore down my aunt's entire Franklin Street neighborhood in Saugatuck to build the I-95 bridge, they didn't ask them for permission. The government made a decision. It seems to me it is the same scenario. The road needs to be built and the government should just build it. If the residents of Wilton don't like it maybe they should move to Saugatuck under the bridge.

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