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Comments - January 2003
Put the Wilton Police out of business.  They are most dangerous when they make traffic stops ON rte 7.  
It is shameful that govt was allowed to end the current 7 at Grist Mill under present circumstances - turning Old Belden Hill and Belden Hill into thoroughfares.  Increased traffic has greatly interfered with our quite enjoyment of our property and made it dangerous to walk on our street.
Something has to be done about the traffic in Fairfield County. We can't hire people to work here. And we pay enough taxes [gas, etc.] that we ought to have some right to decent infrastructure.
Having lived on Long Island for 16 years I can see the same mistakes being made in Fairfield County. The adage "if you build it they will come" applies to Super 7. You can never stay ahead of traffic congestion. Beside the huge cost, tremendous environmental impact, and increase in traffic that will no doubt follow, all that will be achieved is spending money  without solving the primary problems: uncontrolled growth with no attention to those projects that will get cars off the highways. Without first paying attention to improving mass transit you will only turn this beautiful county into another Long Island whose highways are like clogged arteries slowly killing its master. JUST SAY NO TO SUPER 7 and put our hard earned taxes into getting cars off our highways by improving mass transit options.
Super Seven would cut my commute time by around fifteen minutes each way. The land has already been purchased and the money can be found to build it. Environmental objections need to be addressed by making this expressway as environmentally friendly as possible and planning / zoning need to be extremely tough to prevent any further urban sprawl.
Road building and widening will simply increase traffic.  Sure, in the first few months or year congestion my decrease, but after a while roads generate their own traffic.  Road construction is simply not a viable option.  Public transportation options need to be investigated.



 Norwalk - Wilton, CT