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Concerns about the "environmental impact" of the proposed Extension are overstated.

  • Any/all impact to the environment can be, will be and must be remedied before the extension is approved, designed and/or constructed.

Widening of the existing Route 7 through Wilton may appear to ease traffic congestion but would have a far greater impact on the character of our town.

  • What is now a charming road through town will assume all the appeal of High Ridge in Stamford or Route 1 in Norwalk.

  • Congressman Maloney opposes the proposed widening.

Property values already have been reduced on those town roads bearing spillover traffic from existing Route 7.

  • Many homes on Belden Hill Road, for example, are assessed at a lower value than comparable homes on low traffic volume roads.

The ConnDOT estimates that current north/south traffic will increase once the Extension is built are due to the fact that vehicles will choose the Expressway over alternate town roads.

  • The truth of this is borne out by many examples: In a single 24-hour period, the Wilton Police Department counted more than 11,000 vehicles traveling north/south on Belden Hill Road.

In anticipation of building a "connector" between I-95 and I-84, lands, homes and businesses already have been taken by the State, so long ago that many current residents aren't even aware of this fact.

  • Many of the open spaces and "greenways" running parallel to Route 7, including parts of Allen's Meadows, are there because of these takings.

80% of the cost of the proposed Extension will be assumed by the Federal Highway Administration and 20% by the State.

  • If this money is not spent on the Extension, it will not be applied to the "more deserving" projects - such as education - but will simply be applied to roadway construction projects in other parts of Connecticut.

  • Most of our local tax dollars are used to improve the quality of life of other Connecticut residents. It is time that some of those taxes were used to improve the quality of life in Wilton.

Quality of life already has been affected on those town roads currently bearing spillover traffic from existing Route 7.

  • Speeding cars and massive traffic volumes on several alternate north/south routes, including Drum Hill, Chestnut Hill, Hurlbutt Street, Old Belden Hill, etc. make local driving a challenging and sometimes hair-raising experience.

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An optimum solution to current traffic congestion on existing Route 7 is construction of the originally planned "connector" between I-95 and I-84. However, a recent financial analysis of the state transportation corridors indicated that the financial resources are not available to complete the project...and opposition to the connector, most notably in Wilton, has not encouraged ConnDOT to make any concerted effort to acquire the funding.

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